What to expect from erectile dysfunction medication. Is tadalafil helpful?

It takes courage for a man to come out and share his erectile problems. Many suffer in silence with the fear of how the partner will perceive their problem. For this reason, men with the erectile problem will shy off from having an intimate relationship. These men will even fear to share their problem with the doctor hence they will keep their problem to themselves. Who will not love to have an intimate love making a session with a loved one? None I guess. For this reason, this article is made to shed some light on what you will expect from an Erectile Dysfunction medication. This medication includes; tadalafil ( Cialis), Viagra (sildenafil) and vardenafil (Levitra).

The onset of Action for ED Medications

Most erectile dysfunction medication will take about 30 to 60 minutes to be active. The fastest action drug is tadalafil which is believed to begin working in about 30 minutes. You can buy online tadalafil tablets from eupills.is store. Sildenafil and Vardenafil drugs need approximately 60 minutes for its onset action. It is clear that if you are using any of the erectile dysfunction medication, you will need to give this drugs time for an onset action. This onset time varies from an individual to the other. This onset action is also pegged on the type of drug that is prescribed for you, and it is also affected by the kind of food that you will consume. You should avoid fatty and significant as this will change the onset time timing since it will take time to be absorbed in the body.

Half-Lives of ED Medications

This is the amount of time that the drugs need for it to fall to the half-life of its peak. Generic tadalafil 60 mg has a half-life of about 17 and remains active in the body. Studies show that tadalafil will take a longer time in the body for approximately three days. The others will take less hence should be used when you want to treat ED for a day.

Side effects of the erectile dysfunction

As it is for any other drug, ED drugs also have some side effects. The most common side effects include; headache muscle pain, vision issues, digestive issues, facial flash, and nasal congestion. Due to medical interactions, make sure you watch out for the side effects either for drugs or other substances.

Cost of erectile dysfunction medication.

The cost of an ED varies a lot. This is pegged to so many factors including; dosage that you will use, the type of medication brand, amount of medication that you will use and also affected by the store that you will get your drug from. You can find out that tadalafil online is cheaper compared to buying the drug from the local store. It is there essential to visit your doctor in case you are anticipating an ED problem. Life will never be the same once you visit your doctor as you will be in a position of enjoying sex as others do.